Monday, March 24, 2008

Barkley the pan handling seagull

I opened up the blinds to our room and in swoops this gull. He sat and
stared at me and started chirping at me This guy was relentless
pounding his beak on the window and squaking at me. Kbabe was giving
me the buisness about how I shouldn't feed him. I decided not to feed
him for the simple fact that he was one annoying dude and he had an
entire ocean with the means to catch fresh fish for free when it would
cost me 20 bones a plate. So eat up Barkley chips are mine and the
fish is free.

Ahhhh Oregon coast

Kbabe and I went to the oregon coast for a little R&R. We stayed at
"The Inn at Arch Rock". Our room overlooked Depoe Bay which its claim
to fame is whale watching and home to the smallest harbour in the

Monday, March 03, 2008

New York , New York

Everything is over the top in vegas. Every hotel tries to one up the

First beer on the way to vegas

Tom and I are on our way to watch neckcar and people watch the neckcar
goobers. We stopped off at the airport bar for an overpriced beer.
Looks like Tom has a hole in his lip.